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We are leading suppliers of vegetable, herb, strawberry and ornamental plants to both the commercial and garden retail markets.

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Our background

Quantil Limited is a family-run horticultural business based in Lancashire. With over six-decades of agricultural and horticultural experience, the Symondson family established the glasshouse aspect of their production in 1994. Alongside of this, the Symondsons continue to run Quantil Agriculture Ltd, which comprises a 1,000 acre arable farm and seed processing mill.

Our horticultural business now boasts 14 hectares (100,000 sq. m), supplied with water from our own 10,000 cubic metre water lagoon. We are the leading supplier of vegetable, herb, strawberry and ornamental plants to garden retail and commercial agricultural sectors. We continue to grow in size and scale, supplying a rich variety of products to UK growers, be they farmers or gardeners.

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Our garden retail products

At Quantil we understand that quality of product, presentation, and service, are paramount to meeting our retail clients’ needs. With over 200 types of plant and a keen eye on growing trends, we are able to comprehensively cater to a large market, adjusting our catalogue accordingly. Our professionally designed packaging is both smart and vibrant, offering clear and helpful information for plant care. We offer a flexible delivery service, and are able to distribute our products across the UK four days a week.

Our products include:

  • Strip vegetables
    Strip vegetables

    90 varieties

  • Pot vegetables
    Pot vegetables

    60 varieties

  • Herbs

    64 varieties

  • Grafted vegetables
    Grafted vegetables

    19 varieties

  • Sleeved wallflowers
    Sleeved wallflowers

    9 varieties

  • Promotional collections
    Promotional collections
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Commercial growing services

As experienced arable farmers, we understand the needs of the commercial grower. Our nursery team has worked together since we started the horticultural aspect of our business, and, with regular consultation with our agronomist, we keep abreast of the latest technologies and techniques in plant production. Building and maintaining relationships with our clients is paramount, and we work hard to ensure both quality of product and quality of service.

Our products include:

  • Sprout
  • Leeks
  • Strawberries
  • Lettuce
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Environmental Responsibility

At Quantil, we are committed to taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

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