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Quantil is one of the leading suppliers of young plants to garden centres in the UK and Ireland.

With over sixty years of agricultural and horticultural production our expertise ensures customers can be confident they will receive plants of the utmost quality. Our aim is to supply customers with products that are at the forefront of market trends.

Focused on quality

We offer over 200 varieties of plant, giving gardeners the opportunity to grow both traditional and unusual types of plant. We pay keen attention to growing trends and cater to those markets. All our plants are carefully selected and expertly cultivated to give customers the best possible growing results. Our experienced team endeavour to supply products at the optimum stage to give clients value for money and to ensure a longer shelf life in store.

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Tips for plant care

Click here for vegetable plant care instruction

  • Strip Vegetables
    Strip Vegetables

    90 varieties

  • Pot Vegetables
    Pot Vegetables

    60 varieties

  • Herbs

    64 varieties

  • Grafted Vegetables
    Grafted Vegetables

    19 varieties

  • Sleeved Wallflower
    Sleeved Wallflower

    9 varieties

  • Pea & Bean
    Pea & Bean

    10 varieties

  • Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes

    4 varieties

  • Dynamite Chillies
    Dynamite Chillies

    12 varieties

  • Connoisseur Sweet Pea
    Connoisseur Sweet Pea

    15 varieties

  • Carry Pack Strawberry
    Carry Pack Strawberry

    4 varieties

  • Carry Pack Sweet Pea
    Carry Pack Sweet Pea

    4 varieties

  • Heritage Tomato
    Heritage Tomato

    10 varieties

Efficient service

Our team of office staff spend time getting to know our clients so we can tailor our service to your needs. Our online shop shows up-to-date plant availability, allowing clients to purchase with confidence and in their own time. We offer a flexible delivery service, delivering four days a week across the UK and Ireland.

Eye-catching presentation

At Quantil we understand the importance of packaging. We work with designers, producing labels and point of sale material that is both eye-catching and readily informative. As well as individual lock tag labels, we can supply header boards and bench tape with reserved collections, specially designed to add vibrancy to garden centres’ "grow your own" areas.

Product labels

Our tips for plant care

Order little and often to keep products as fresh as possible

General Plant Care Instructions

General Plant Care Instructions

To prevent vegetable deterioration:

  • Unpack immediately upon receipt.
  • Ensure plants do not dry out, but be careful not to overwater.
  • Tender plants should be kept in frost free conditions at all times and, in early season, keep in a warm area.
Wallflower plant care

Wallflower plant care

To prevent vegetable deterioration:

  • Unpack immediately upon receipt.
  • Ensure plants do not dry out, but do not stand in water. Instead, mist the leaves lightly.

Environmental Responsibility

At Quantil, we are committed to taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

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