Environmental Responsibility

At Quantil, we are committed to taking responsibility for our environmental impact.

Being mindful of the natural world is integral to our practice as growers.

We actively review, research and introduce more sustainable practices into how we grow and package our plants.

We have made great strides towards reducing the environmental impact of our packaging, as well as reducing the use of peat in our growing. All our plants are grown with water that we collect and store on-site, and every aspect of our operations is under continual review as we strive to be a part of the movement for sustainable change.



We are on our journey towards being peat free, and are committed to growing our plants in compost that is a minimum of 40% peat-free by 2022. By 2025, we will be at 60% peat-free, and by 2030, we will have met our target of 100%, in line with Government legislation.



All our primary packaging is kerbside recyclable, and all plants are potted in either Clear Green PET (Strip) or Non-black PP (polypropylene). We are striving for entirely non-plastic packaging, and continue to research and source alternatives.



On both of our sites we collect water from our glasshouse roofs, store it in lagoons, and use it to water our plants.



We recycle all our on site plastic waste, and ensure we fulfil our waste packaging and recovery responsibilities.

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